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I've been applying to jobs nonstop, some which use my degree more than others. I had an interview with Publix today. Everyone was really nice, and I don't think it wemt terribly, but I felt weird that they didn't ask me a bunch of questions that you see as typical interview questions. They basically asked me if I would be okay with the job requirements, and I smiled throughout the interview, not in a creepy way, and enthusiastically said I was good with all the requirements of the job.

They asked me a few questions before going into talking about the requirements, and I think it went well, but I'm never really sure.

I hope I get the job, because I can walk to and from work, if needed. It's less than a 30 minute walk away, which is great for me.

One lady, not the one officially interviewing me though, said I had a nice smile and thought I would be good for the job. I'm actually pretty shy, but I'm also kinda happy and peppy, and interested in having conversations with people, so I tihnk it might be good. This lady also told me that Publix writes their own commercials, so maybe I'd want to do that in the future. That would be pretty nice, actually. Writing commercials for holiday salt and pepper shakers. :P

They said they had a bunch of interviews scheduled for today and they would call me later, if I got the job. I hope I did get the job, but if I didn't, I'm still looking for other options.

I'm also writing on the side, but I need a stable job, so I can earn some money while I write weird comedy skits and film essays.

I did a bunch of icon challenges yesterday, but I really want to do more. idk if I should do some icon contest comms or look for another landcomm to join. Any suggestions?
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Does anyone else have a big problem with livejournal posting your comments again, 30 minutes or an hour after you've made them? I once woke up, checked a post on a comm I am a part of, and a comment was posted an additional two times, each at a different time.

It really bothers me, mostly because it makes me wonder if people think I am seriously sitting here reposting my exact comments.

It's happened for a while, but I've always thought, well it probably happens to everyone and I can't fix it, but I'm really wondering now. Can I fix this?
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comedy friending meme 2016

Hello! Welcome to the Comedy Friending Meme! Fill out the questions in a comment!
1. General Information you want to provide (age, location, name, etc)
2. What are your favorite comedy movies?
3. What are your favorite comedy shows?
4. What are your favorite sketch comedy shows?
5. Who are your favorite comedians or comedy troupes?
6. What got you interested in comedy?
7. Do you have any favorite jokes/styles of humor/techniques?
8. Anything else you want to mention/any gifs you want to post?
9. If you want, list any ships or favorite characters. (Real life ships are okay. The sketch world is filled with fictional versions of real people)

  • Have fun!

  • Be polite!

  • Respect each other!

  • Include anything you consider comedy, even if it's not obvious to everyone. Include anything you want that's a combination of comedy + another genre.

  • Feel free to add questions or split up questions into smaller categories (web shows, comedian musicians, current shows, cancelled shows, comedy authors, etc)

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I graduated with a B.A. in writing & linguistics in May. I've pretty much spent my entire summer submitting applications. First, it was to a comedy film program. Second, it was to any writing jobs I could find. I finally got a follow-up email to one of the jobs I applied for. It's in Tampa at a Marketing Firm as a copywriter. I had to complete a writing sample following their instructions and format. I hope I get into the next step of the process. I really need a job, firstly so I can make money, but almost as importantly, so I can move out and start my life on my own.

I feel stuck living in my old bedroom. It just makes me feel like I'm a failure if I stay here too long. My sister and brother both had their next steps figured out after graduation. Staying here for too long, makes me feel like I am a huge imposition, mostly because I don't drive and want to move to a walkable city with a good transit score, and start my life in a place where not driving isn't going to be something people pester me about daily.

I would love help finding a job in a city that would be good for me, and one I could afford on the salary of the job. :P I've applied to a bunch of writing positions, but I'm open to applying to anything, even if my degree doesn't exactly come in handy.

My family was supportive of me getting a job somewhere else, but now they want me to work here for a few months, but I really don't want to live here while I'm working. Partially, because I want to work on screenplays and other writing stuff while I work, and I don't feel comfortable doing that here, because I feel like I can't really get anything done, when I only feel free to do my own stuff if everyone else is asleep.
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I used to post prompts on a bunch of comment fic request memes and stuff like that. I thought it might be cool to do something like that, but entirely focused on graphics. Post prompts of individual graphics you'd like to see. You can be specific like you've always wanted a Wreck-It Ralph icon with Talladega Nights quotes on it. Or you can be pretty simple and just prompt a certain fandom/character/ship & type of graphic. If you want specific colors/textures/styles, include that in your prompt. Have fun! :) You can put all your interests in one comment or break them up by prompt, especially if they are more involved prompts.

I will have a thread for introductions and the rest of the post will be for prompts, in case you want to post a little bit more about yourself in hopes of making friends.

Anyone can come fill the request and maybe we'll make a few friends along the way. I don't really know where to share stuff like this, but if anyone wants to post a link in their own journal or comm, feel free to do that. 
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I want a light-hearted post on here too. lol

So, I have started making alphabet necklaces and bracelets. Like, phrases on elastic cord.

I would love to do custom phrases or make people their own of the designs I've made already.

I don't know how much I'd charge, but it would be through paypal. I was thinking maybe just shipping + any donation. I think I might want to do a set price, but I'm not sure what it would be yet. Examples of what I've made so far are at that link.
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I went to see Secret Life of Pets with my parents, brother, his wife, and their daughter. Everyone liked it, but I'm not sure any of them were as amazed by Gidget. I knew she was the cutest one from trailers and posters, but I never knew how much I would like her.

Jenny Slate was absolutely amazing and the character was so so wonderful! She was the center of the movie for me. She kicked ass & looked adorabley fierce doing it! Chloe was also amazing in a different way, but no less well developed. She didn't kick any asses in a physical way, but she slayed everyone with her sick burns and deadpan snark. Both awesome female characters in their own respective ways! I love seeing female characters who are well developed in their own ways. I don't really like the tumblr mindset that for a female character to be strong, she must be physically strong or have traits that are traditionally masculine. I love characters like that, but if we say that is what it means to be strong, aren't we kind of saying to be strong as a woman, we have to emulate a man? I love female characters given this opportunity, but it can easily turn into female characters who are fantasies of men, instead of their own developed personalities. Give me all sorts of different female characters!

and... I went online to see if anyone wrote any fic about her unlikely friendship with a hawk, but alas, all I found was a slash fic that demonized her as a stalker who kept two male characters apart.

I knew this is what I should expect, but it still bothers me when female characters are turned into something they aren't. I love all sorts of pairings, het, slash, femslash, but when you degrade someone else as a way of putting your pairing together, it bothers me. I see it a lot in love triangle fandoms and almost as often in fandoms where a m/m pairing is more popular than a m/f pairing. I see it the most on tumblr with people who say shipping m/m makes them progressive even if they are homophobic in real life. I see it most on tumblr with people who think they are being progressive by degrading female characters, for their m/m characters to get together.

I know this isn't all black & white, but I've seen so much on tumblr that feels so fueled with hate, in the guise of being progressive. These are most likely also the people who say if you don't ship their m/m otp, you are homophobic or say they wish their kids are gay & would actively try to change/make their kids gay.

Tumblr is weird. Fandom is weird. I'm glad I've met people on tumblr & in my fandoms who are amazing and supportive.

I'm sorry if this post comes across weird at all. I'm only looking down at a small subset of people in fandoms, not the majority. I just thought it was oddly funny, in a 'should i ever expect anything else' way when I saw the only fic posted was this terrible trope that I want to die in a fire. 
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A Journey Into Forgotten Fandom Pursuits

Hey, I've been tihnking about how I haven't made any fanmixes in a long time. I was thinking I could turn this revelization into a meme of sorts.

Comment on this post with a character/ship/fandom/etc that you know I like, and I will try to make a mini mix. I will probably post the mixes as new entries with cover art and lyrics.

Also, I would love to take icon requests. I should probably make a new post about it, but I think I'll just do it here too. Give me a character/ship/fandom/etc and maybe specific picture links. If you don't have pictures, you can give me an icon making prompt of sorts. I'm not too good at fake background, but I'll try.