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REQUESTS: graphics and writing

Hi! I am taking graphic requests and fanfic requests.

For graphic requests: Post your fandom (anything is allowed), and if you have specific images in mind, post links in your comment. Also, for wallpapers/headers/etc, provide your dimensions. For sig tags, tell me your team names and what name you want on the tag.

For fic: Post your fandom, characters, and/or ships. Post a short prompt and your favorite tropes as well as any tropes/etc that you don't want in your fic.

if you want to send a donation/tip: My Paypal is here

You can check out my writing here at my AO3 portfolio.
I am open to writing many fandoms. Here is a short list: Evil Dead, The Middleman, Doom Patrol, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Schitt's Creek, Parks and Rec, MCU + shows, Stargirl, screwball comedy movies, Re-Animator, Nightmare on Elm Street, Big Wolf on Campus, A.P. Bio, IASIP, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Broadcast News (1987 movie), pretty much any screwball comedy, Community, Sky High, The Internship, The Conjuring series, Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad, Josie and the Pussycats, Brendan Fraser movies, and many more.

If you have a very specific fic/fandom in mind, please ask. I am open to so much more than I mention. Also, if you have a very rare pair or fandom, please ask because I love writing and reading rare pairs and if I am able to do it, I would love to add work to small fandoms. I love a bunch of sitcoms and horror movies, so it is very likely I will be open to fandoms in those areas.

icon samples:

Samples of wallpapers are under the cut
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small town ~ a little bit

Spring Flowers Challenge

Short stories written based on flower meanings for lighthouse_the

1. Inspired by Dahlias - Singin' in the Rain Story

Kathy stands backstage at the premiere of her newest movie with Don. She remembers hearing his often repeated and dishonest speeches about dignity. She kisses him and hands him a bouquet of dahlias. He laughs as if its an inside joke.

2. Inspired by Protea - Better Call Saul Story

Growth Decay Transformation. An endless cycle. Jimmy McGill offers kindness and hope to Kim. He wants her to succeed, even if he's still in the HHM mailroom. What about now? 50% Off, Burner Phones, Strip Mall Law. A façade of bright colors.

3. Inspired by Poinsettias - Schitt's Creek story

One Christmas like we used to have in a big mansion, but is that about cheer and celebration or just greed? In Schitt's Creek, surrounded by friends and family in a tiny motel room. That's love. Reassurance that we're in the right place.